How to clean Hardwood Floors – House Cleaning Tips for York County, PA

While the cost of installing hardwood flooring is more than installing new carpet, the investment is well worth it. According to the National Association of Realtor, surveys found that 54% of home buyers will pay more for a house that has hardwood floors. Since more homes having hardwood floors is becoming more popular, how do you keep your hardwood floors pristine, and protected?

The type of wood is going to affect what products can be used to keep the flooring protected and pristine. All wood flooring has a finishing product to keep the wood protected from water and dirt, and makes it more durable. Here are some tips for caring for and cleaning your wood floor.

1. Prevent Dirty Floors

One of the best ways to keep your wood flooring clean and pristine is to not wear shoes around your house. High heels, cleats, and sports shoes are the worst on hardwood flooring. While you may want to ask your guests to remove their shoes, applying this policy to members of the household can save your wood flooring.

2. Use the Right Cleaning and Protected Products

No matter the type of hardwood flooring that your house has, you should not use cleaning products that are meant for tile or vinyl flooring. Self-polishing acrylic wax, when applied to wood flooring, causes the finish to become dull, and slippery.

Another cleaning method to never use is wet mopping on wood flooring. The standing water dulls the finish, causing damage to the wood even if it’s protected, and will leave a residue that is discolored. Also, you should avoid over waxing wood flooring that is not protected, to bring out the luster of the wood. If your waxed protected floor is dull, you should try to buff the surface instead.

3. Hire a Quality Cleaning Company

If you are not sure what products to use on your hardwood flooring, hiring a cleaning company is the quickest and safest way of cleaning your hardwood floors. Since each type of hardwood has special needs, it can be a challenge to make sure that your hardwood flooring stays in pristine condition. A quality cleaning company can also use the right products to make sure that your flooring is protected from daily wear and tear.

Cleaning hardwood is important when you want to keep your flooring in pristine condition. The problem with hardwood is that unlike other flooring types, there is no one way to take care of it. Since there are so many varieties of wood and protective finishes, it can be difficult to find products that will not damage your hardwood flooring. If you are worried about how to care for your hardwood flooring, a cleaning company can help pick the right cleaning products and cleaning methods to protect your hardwood floors. Feel free to contact Home of the Clean. It is a full service Small Business and Residential Cleaning Company servicing York County, PA. http://www.homeoftheclean.com or (717) 208-8223

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